What Our Patients Have to Say
“At the Bienville Dialysis Center, I never feel like just a number. The nurses and staff consider me part of the family. My travel time is less than half what it was at my previous dialysis clinic and I see my physician on a regular basis now. I have access to the best doctors and best care I have had since I started my dialysis program.”

"It is truly a pleasure to be take care of by such a great and kind individuals. I feel like family when I am at Metairie Kidney Center. The nurses and techs are AMAZING and Caring. The office staff is always helpful and pleasant.

It feels like being with family!

It’s truly a great place to have my dialysis done. I Would NEVER go anywhere else!"

"I’m 73 years of age. I’ve been a patient of 4 years, at Bienville Dialysis since February 2012. I’ve had my ups and downs with my health; however my good days out weigh my bad. I’m grateful to God for my doctors, Dr. Zadeh, Dr. Hatipoglu, and Dr. Arzu Hatipoglu. We have a pretty good staff as well. Our nurse’s are awesome, and our technician’s are compassionate, very concerned, work hard, and long hours. Some patients are nice and some are grumpy. I guess they’re in a lot of pain so they say harsh things to sometimes hurt the staffs feelings. However, through it all Bienville Dialysis shows a lot of love and interest in their patients."
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