Our Story

From humble beginnings, Mustafa Hatipoglu, M.D. began his journey in Nephrology and Dialysis. As a graduate of LSU, Dr. Hatipoglu began his Nephrology practice in south Louisiana. With a strong dedication and love for his patients, he became dis-satisfied with the level of quality and inferior care in area dialysis clinics.

Dr. Hatipoglu opened his first dialysis clinic in Chalmette in 1980. As his practice grew Dr. Hatipoglu opened seven additional facilities in south Louisiana as to better serve his organization’s patients in their local areas.Travelling three days per week for dialysis can be challenging. For this reason, Metropolitan Dialysis Centers have eight locations to better serve their patients, without lengthy and taxing travel added to their dialysis experience.

Because our company is Nephrologist-owned, our ultimate goal for our patients is 100% recovery. Our unique relationship with the Tulane Transplant Team creates this opportunity for every patient we touch. Our patients receive one-on-one care from our Nephrologists once per week while dialysis is a part of their treatment. Additionally, in the case a patient is transferred to one of our area hospitals, the Nephrology Team from Metropolitan Dialysis goes with them. We have the unique commitment to staying involved in our patient’s care in every way. This is just one more aspect that sets us above and beyond any other dialysis clinic in the area.

Patients receive the lowest nurse to patient ratio in the area. Most dialysis clinics have a seven nurse to one patient ratio during treatment. At Metropolitan Dialysis Clinics, the greatest nurse to patient ratio we allow is four to one, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality in care available.

Dr. Hatipoglu has had a commitment to helping patients live the best quality of life possible since the beginning. Because of his compassion and commitment, he has created the best dialysis schedule available. At Metropolitan Dialysis Clinics, patients are no longer required to come in on Saturdays or Sunday. Our schedules are exclusively during weekdays. That does not mean our offices are not open for your convenience. Our extended hours, 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM, stand out from our competition. Because we have eight clinics, in your location areas, we can create the easiest, best options for anyone requiring our services.

Don’t trust your medical care to a large corporation. We are the best and we stand by that promise.
  • Qualified Staff of Doctors
  • Feel like you are at Home Services
  • 24×7 Emergency Services
  • Save your Money and Time with us
  • Easy and Affordable Billing
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